• PV/Hybrid Generation
  • Solar Regulator
  • Inverter
  • LED Lighting
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     Beijing Good Greenergy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huatong Rd. #11, Overseas’ Innovation Park, Changping Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing. We are a new energy company which based on the technology of Phocos AG (German) and Studer inverter (Switzerland), specialized in integration of solar power generating, wind-solar-diesel hybrid power generating system and sales of related components. Our products are widely used in communication, electric power, broadcasting, railway, national defense, transportation, atmosphere, hydrology, water conservancy, earthquake, and some other fields. We not only provide reliable components with high quality, but also provide the whole set of turn-key projects that contain design, production, installation and after-sale service……


可高亮带缓冲的二级折叠菜单_酷站代码 www.5icool.org