Solar Tracking System






Solar tracker system increase 35-110% power

( Compared with fixed generation system /  practical generating volume is adjustable with test environment and weather condition )




Intelligent tracking system

Preset the program according to the suns moving track of everyday, every season, everywhere. So the solar tracker will operate automatically and accurately for the best sun angle.


Multi-azimuth cross shaft

In order to reach the highest elastic turning and make the solar modules to the best sun angle,  it is designed 40-90 adjustable elevation tracking and 360 horizontal rotating multi-azimuth cross shaft.

Dynamic balance (soft structure)

Based on multi-azimuth cross shaft design, the bearing platform is able to comply with the wind direction and self-adjusted to countervailing the wind-force.

Self-protective ability

When Solar Tracking system is on safe mode, the bearing capacity of wind speed can be promoted from 87km to 300 km, equal to 17 wind.


Simplify structure design=Lower cost

Two advantages
+ Saving materials: lower production costs dramatically+ easily maintain: small maintenance costs bring long-term benefit.  

Customers can login our solar system manage interface through their own network, monitoring real-time information of the system.

Except for PC, you can master the operation status by smart phone or tabled PC. (whenever and wherever there is Wifi/3G/4G)

Provided information

        +Accumulate gross generation

        +Intraday generation

        +Inverter efficiency +Intraday sunshine amount

        +CO2 reduction

        +Temperature of operating solar module +General system information