Off-Grid PV System


1 Standard Solar Power System



As shown above, a standard solar power system mainly contains solar panels, panels, solar charge controllers and inverters. This system is able to supply both AC and DC loads with certain power. The inverter and batteries are connected with cables thick enough. The voltage of a system can be designed to 12V, 24V, 48V, etc.


2. Solar-Diesel Hybrid Generating System


Solar-Diesel Hybrid Generating System, as the name suggests, its specility is integrating diesel generator into standard solar system, realizing the mutual complementation of those two kind of energy. This system is able to make either solar or diesel energy prior, thereby decreasing the power of stored energy and diesel generator properly according to local environment.


3. Wind-Solar-Diesel Hybrid Generating System

The main character of Wind-Solar-Diesel Hybrid Generating System is two or more different energy are in the same system. The batteries or other power sources supply the loads trough inverters. Both wind-solar power system and diesel generator can charge the batteries. In the advanced hybrid systems, the solar part is not necessary to be over designed to meet the load needs, thereby saving the investment costs.