Solar/Hybrid Street Light


A standard solar lighting system, as shown above, mainly contains solar panels, batteries, controllers, lighting sources, lamp-pole, etc. This system is connected with DC lighting sources. The controllers are connected with batteries by cables thick enough. The system voltage can be designed to 12V, 24V, etc.


A standard wind-solar power lighting system, as shown above, is a system which adds a wind turbine with a solar lighting system. So the lighting sources can be supplied by two different energy which supplement each other.


Lighting Source Category




LED Street Lamp

High-purity imported aluminum reflector, lamp body and radiator; High-purity imported aluminum reflector shade; high power LED source; high efficiency import constant flow source. Apply to urban road, sidewalk, square, school, park, courtyard, residence zone, factory and other places which needs o


utdoor lighting.


Green Electrodeless Lamp

High energy conservation (saving 80% energy than incandescent bulbs), high photosynthetic efficiency (series light effect 73Lm/w ), high color rendering (80), long life (60000 hours), no strobe (working frequency: 2.65MHz ), environmentally (free of liquid mercury), can be started immediately or restarted, not affected by vibration, can be installed in any direction. All the advantages make it a green lighting rookie. In the electrical design, it adopts active power factor compensation (APFCn0.99) to guarantee constant voltage power supply under the condition of wide supply voltage variation (19v~30v) and output stable luminous flux. The purification circuit and anti-radiation treatment make EMC meet the national standard. On account of its starting voltage and current are almost the same with normal operating voltage and current, it is very suitable for solar power system. It is the new lighting source we especially explored for solar power system. There is no lamp filament in the bulb, so its life is as long as 60000 hours. In addition, the luminescent coating is tri-phosphor that make it glow softly and reduce the  glare. In order to meet the market needs, our models contain 50W, 65W, 85W, 100W, etc.


Application range:                                                                

Solar street lamp, city lightening, school, tunnel, channel, bridge, greenhouse, lighting in dangerous regions. Especially applied to oil platform, chemical industry coal mine and other places with high safety requirements that is difficult to change a bulb.








DC Energy Saving Lamp

DC energy-saving fluorescent lamps provide high luminance under low power consumption. High quality 12V DC lamps can be used in 12V battery systems or solar power systems.  

This lamps life is far more than 10000 hours. Special designed electronic circuit guarantee the lamp 10000 times switch on and off. This series is configured with standard E27/Edison cap.(bayonet cap available). There are two color temperatures to be chosen. Wwarm color, Ccool color. For any requirements of illumination intensity over 100LM, this is the best choice.

                                     This lamp applied the second generation design that make is more reliable and higher efficiency. More over, the tube has over temperature protection. When its temperature reach 120, the protection function will cutout automatically.